PLG specializes in supporting e-commerce shippers, fulfillment centers, and internal transfers. Our dedicated trucking services prioritize the nuances of e-commerce logistics, aiming to minimize cost and transit times.
PLG International e-commerce is supported from JFK and EWR airports. Our network of trucks sweep the airports multiple times daily, then return to our sort center in Bound Brook NJ. PLG sorts to 18 regional and national final mile carriers for injection on our trucks the same evening. Our sort center offers additional services including returns, repack, and USPS DDU.
PLG operates a fleet of trucks in the northeast, and can customize a program including drop trailers. Our e-commerce services can transport goods to the clients sort facility or utilize the PLG Sort Center. Our commitment is reflected in 24/7 live operations, advanced tracking, and a comprehensive menu of reporting options. Our e-commerce references stand as a testament to the quality of our services.
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Middle Mile Transport

In addition to supporting our e-commerce programs, PLG offers unique services for retail with DSD (Direct-Store-Delivery) including unattended night deliveries, inner city NYC. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston delivery, and mall delivery. These services can be extended to returns and dunnage removal, time specific delivery, and dedicated routes. PLG has customized programs for decades and understands the unique requirements.
PLG offers local and regional trucking services including linehauls, stock transfers, and shuttle service. PLG can provide our trailers or Power Only to augment your private fleet. Our programs are supported by 24/7 operations support, live tracking, and a complete multi level insurance coverage.
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Cross Dock Services

Centrally located in Bound Brook NJ PLG offers a full menu of crossdock services to respond to our customers needs. International Ocean Transload services can devan containers from all NY/NJ ports, sort, segregate, palletize, shrinkwrap, and ship, Quick turnaround to ship via our trucks or yours. PLG offers long term storage in our local warehouse.
Pool Distribution services are available to our regional service area via our trucks. Many shippers deliver full trailer loads to our facility from Midwest, and west coast ports. Minimizing transit times, damages, handling, and cost, PLG Pool services are an effective tool for service to the northeast US.
PLG offers outbound consolidation services supported by a robust WMS to accurately control shipments, build outbound loads, and manage scheduling. Our facility features the newest security technology, and operates on “flex” hours based on our customer needs.
Rework services cater to carriers that have immediate needs, which include refused freight, missed appointments, non compliance by retailers, shifted or damaged freight. PLG can unload, restack. rewrap, reload or hold at our facility for new appointments, PLG can deliver on our trucks or dispose of damaged freight.
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Air Cargo

PLG Air Cargo specializes in international e-commerce, specifically Type 86 arriving into JFK & EWR.

Our trucks sweep both airports 4 times each day and transport shipments to customer sort centers, the PLG sort operation or DDU injection into USPS facilities.

The PLG sort centers are located in Central and Southern New Jersey. Every evening our trucks depart for injection to over 35 local, regional, and national final mile carriers.

PLG Air Cargo Expedited Truck Services depart Bound Brook NJ daily for ATL, MIA, DFW, and ORD.

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